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Friday, July 20, 2018

Scotland - Scottish Crannog Centre

According to Wikipedia, a crannog is typically a partially or entirely artificial island, usually built in lakes, rivers and estuarine waters of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Unlike the prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps that were built on the shores and were inundated only later on, crannogs were built in the water, thus forming artificial islands.

They had a few demonstration on land including drilling, textiles, usage of plants and firemaking.

Don't you just love those shoes?

There are several former crannogs on Loch Tay but most look like small islands.

There was a firepit in the middle of the crannog

Typical floors were covered in fibers but they included cotton here to cut down on the dust.

The crannogs were built high because they did not have a smoke hole.  The smoke would only accumulate down to a level above head high because it would dissipate through the roofing.

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