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Friday, July 20, 2018

Scotland - Highland Folk Museum

The Highland Folk Museum by Newtonmore is an open-air museum.

This L-shaped building included housing for humans and animals plus a shop.

The human part included information on rationing during World War II

animal stalls

Railroad station

Office and baggage storage area.

While we were at the railroad station, a train passed.  This is typical of the trains we saw.  They were passenger trains.  We didn't see trains hauling freight.

Boleskine Shinty Club Pavilion

I might have heard the word shinty before but I didn't know anything about the game.

A one-room schoolhouse

Pretty typical even in the states.

I don't think the rules were quite so strict when I learned to write.

Some things never change.

Circa-1700 lodging

The museum had built a whole village.

Curling pond

We had seen churches with signs saying Free Church of Scotland and wondered about the history.

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