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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Scotland - Orkney Islands

We saw a lot of tractors and most were Deeres and Allis-Chambers from the US.

There are many prehistoric sites in the Orkneys and the next we stopped at was the Ring of Brodgar

One of the most promoted prehistoric sites is the Maeshowe Chambered Cairn.  Maeshowe was built around 3500 B.C. but its purpose is unclear.  At the winter solstice, the setting sun shines through the entrance tunnel and illuminates the main cell.  In the 12th century, a band of Vikings took shelter here and their graffiti can be found on the walls of the chamber.  Although it resembles Newgrange in Ireland, we considered Newgrange much more fascinating.

From the front of Maeshowe, we could see the Ring of Brodgar
Kirkwall B&B

Cruise ship in port at Kirkwall.

From Kirkwall to the ferry terminal at St. Margaret's Hope we read all the displays about the history of the area.

Flag and statue at the Italian Chapel built by the POWs.


Another oil platform in the area

This cow just had to stick her nose over the display we were reading

The ferry coming into port at St Margaret's Hope.

This ferry was different... there was only one way to get on and off.


Getting on the ferry.  The passengers had to disembark as we rolled on because the parking was so close that it was hard to do so once we were parked.

You can see how the first cars were fit side-by-side around the outside of the ship. 

Semi trailers were backed in last by the dock tractors.  This loading process took a long time.  This was the worse maintained ferry we were on and a long way down from the one we took to the islands.  Different company.

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