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Friday, September 25, 2015

Tucumcari, NM Murals, Neon Lights and other sights.

There are many murals around the town of Tucumcari, NM.  We picked up a map that showed where most of them are but we found others that were not mentioned.  This old gas station was not on the map.

Several of the open businesses had neon lights so we went out after dark to see them.


The Blue Swallow is a functioning motel but several of the garages have old cars in them and all of the garages had murals painted inside. 

Some garages were two spaces wide.

Some of the murals are older and not as well maintained.
The Motel Safari was built in 1959 but this logo has been changed.

This logo is on the east side of the Motel Safari.  It must have been extremely hard to paint because some of the blocks are vertical and stick at least 4" out from the side of the building.  The upper part has lots of mortar sticking out between the bricks.

East side of the Lowe's grocery store.

This and some of the following photos are of the south side of Tucumcari Lumber.

Conchas Lake

Conchas Dam

Too bad most of this ranch scene had cars parked in front of it.
Corner of the ranch scene.

Front of the VFW.

Not a mural but the front of building with bas relief gourds and vines up each column.

This one is called "Blessed".   Probably our favorite due to the amount of detail on it. 

There's so much detail you can't see in these photos.  The scenes contained scorpions, badger, pronghorns, snakes and a herd of buffalo.

Take this scene.   Below is a closer shot of some of the scenery.

Chamber of Commerce building mural on this and next two photos.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Honey Acres, Ashippun, WI

Honey Acres is a business with an information center about honey, bees and honey production.  The information area had lots of good information and is actually larger than the gift shop area.


Stained glass window