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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oregon Coast Trail: Indian Sands

So we went to Indian Sands Viewpoint and went south to connect with the point we stopped the day before.  It took 1/2 hr for us to reach that point.

The first part was wide and steep.

After going through some sand, we found a great trail that was some of the most level we walked in this area.

We crossed over a bridge and saw these construction pylons in the ditch below.

We thought there was a sheltered lagoon below but that is a small island and water was coming into the "lagoon" from the opposite direction also.

The trail followed a stream for a while.

Closer to the viewpoint, we followed the trail to the sandy coast. 

It finally descended and went through a very long, sandy area.  We would have had to take off our shoes and put them back on when we got to the other side.  Maybe another time.

Oregon Coast Trail: North of House Rock

This walk started from the Whaleshead Viewpoint

The start of the trail was really more like a water run off than a trail.

This was the only photo taken on the way down the trail because it was steep and rough.  Not the best way to go.

We had to walk the beach to the Whaleshead Picnic area.

This photo doesn't even show the Whaleshead Viewpoint that is south of the picnic area

After the picnic area we continued north through a grassy area before crossing the road to the picnic area and starting up this steep hill.

Maybe some sort of monkey flower

In one area there was a heavy concentration of Stellar Jays that let us know they didn't like our presence.


Probably huckleberries

Possibly Dog Vomit Fungus.  Found on the bark of a tree. 

We didn't reach the next viewpoint before we tired out and turned around

When we got back to the picnic area, we found where the Oregon Coast Trail came into it so we followed it to the beach.

We still had to walk the beach until we came to the steep, eroded chair to the viewpoint.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Oregon Coast Trail: House Rock to Whaleshead Viewpoint

Starting from the north side of the House Rock Viewpoint

Waterfall along the way.

Whaleshead Rocks

Never could figure out the name of these wildflowers.

Some of the path was along the road

This was the re-entry into the forest but the trail was overgrown.

Steep ascent to the bridge on the way back.  Think this is the source of the waterfall we saw.

The stream had cut deep into the soil and one tree looked like it was trying to hold it all together.

At another point the trail was washed out but a work around had been made.

These dandelions are definitely different than the ones we grew up with in Iowa.

Looking back at Whaleshead from House Rock

This lizard was watching us as we exited the garage.