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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Scotland - Culloden Battlefield

So many of the sites we visited in Scotland had information on the Jacobite Rebellion.  Jacobite troops under Bonnie Prince Charlie were defeated at Culloden by supporters of the Hanover dynasty in 1746.  This was the last major land battle fought on British soil.  The defeat of the Jacobites spelled the end of the Jacobite resistance and the beginning of the clan chiefs' fall from power. 
I know it's hard to read this picture but it shows the line of succession for the royal Stuarts and Hanoverians of Britain. 

Jacobites for a Stuart King - People became Jacobites for different reasons.  Some were committed to the Stuarts' divine right to the thrones of Britain.  others hoped that a Stuart king would see a return to the Protestant form of church government known as Episcopalianism.  Many Scots resented the Union and thought a Stuart king might restore their parliament.  Some were motivated by family loyalists, while others were swept up in the adventure.  Most Jacobite support came from Scotland - Highland and Lowland - but there were also English, Irish and French supporters.  The extraordinary attempt by Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) to restore a Stuart to the thrones of Britain brought together people from all backgrounds.

Photos were not allowed in the rest of the museum.

There were markers on the battlefield where each clan fell during the battle.

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