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Friday, September 27, 2019


This is a Huckleberry bush.  We have several of them.  .

One day JoAnn went out and picked a mess of them.  We had to separate out the good ones. 

Came up with three bags full.

Made pancakes the next morning.  Used up one bag and the other two went into the freezer for future use.

They were very good.

JoAnn wasn't interested in eating any, so put the leftovers in a zip lock bag for my next breakfast.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


JoAnn and I started looking at houses and condos along the Oregon coast last summer.  Found one this summer.

Had to have the all important pickle ball court in town for JoAnn.

No lawn mowing but plenty of other yard work.

Love a hatchback.  Drop the rear seats put a tarp down and load it up.  We now have a two car garage.  First time since October 9, 2004.

Noisy tree rat almost every time we are out cutting back dead stuff and overgrown branches.

Nice sized kitchen.  Love the island.

Living room.  Had to buy the recliners, TV, TV stand, and stand between the recliners.  The last owner left the rug and off white sofa.  He moved from this house to a smaller house in California to be near his kids. 

The desk was left, we bought the chair and two drawer cabinet.  Have been going to estate and garage sales.  Florence has lots of thrift stores.

The owner left the glasses and the coffee cups.  We hadn't expected that.  We bought the plates on the left and the bowls on the right.  The middle bowls are ours from Arizona.  Lots of rentals don't carry much, so one needs to bring stuff.  Picked up some silverware at a thrift store.  When we moved out of our 5th wheel we kept everything.  That stuff will be coming back with us in the spring.  Hopefully April 2020.

One of the things we have been told is the spray the roof at least once a year to kill the moss.  It took four hours with one sprayer to do the job.  Spray it and leave it.  Has to set on the moss for at least 24 hours.  Longer is better.  Kills the moss.  The rain will come and wash it down the gutters.

This part of the roof isn't so bad, but sprayed it anyway.  The moss can grow under the shingles into the roof and damage it.  Would have to get a new roof before it's time. JoAnn told some people she plays pickle ball with and they said that they use laundry detergent on the roof.  Not the liquid but the powder.  Sprinkle it all over the roof and leave it.  The morning dew will work it in and when the rain comes it will clean the roof off of moss and other stuff.  Cleans the gutters too.  Will try that next year.

Subway is within walking distance of our northern home as is Bi-Mart, Fred Meyers and the library.

Lots of nice hiking trails in the area.

Some even paved.

So far very happy here.  I am amazed on how quiet our neighbors are compared to some neighbors next to our Arizona home.  Same as dog owners.  What a difference.  Hopefully we can spend April through November here in Florence and work towards living here in Florence, Oregon year round.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Condo and Siletz Bay Park

After leaving Depoe Bay we moved up to Lincoln City, stayed in this condo starting on August 12. We had made the rental agreement back in July before we left Arizona.  Wasn't much choice for rentals in this area.  We were on the third floor second sliding glass/deck from the left.  VERY noisy from traffic of the 101.

This is the condo complex.  We had hoped our unit would be more to the left. 

Sliding glass door with no screen.

Bird poo on the deck.

Bedroom window.   No air conditioning.  Close window and sliding door, quieter but warmer.  Open window and sliding glass door cooler but very noisy from the 101.

Internet never worked.  Had missing parts stolen from the last renter(s).  Rental company wanted us to piggyback onto another rental condo unit.  The internet was slow to limited.  The rental company didn't have any idea when they could get someone in to fix the problem with the internet in the unit we were renting.  Due to the noise and no internet, we asked for a refund.  Got it on days/nights we hadn't stayed here.  We checked out after four nights of being here and went home. 

This was the view from the condo, Siletz Bay Park.  Tide is in.

Tide is out.  There is a river that runs through called the Siletz River.

Go this shot when the sun was going down.

Information to read at the gazebo.  Will have to double click the photo.

Was amazed there are 10 different species of gulls.

One of the 10 species of seagulls.

Lots of people out clamming, but also read these could be Ghost shrimp holes.

Heading south.  This is by Yachats, Oregon.  The pizza place is in what use to be an old gas station. 

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Depoe Bay, Oregon

How Depoe Bay got started.

We stayed at Trollers Lodge in Apartment #3 for 29 days/nights.

There were three little apartments in this building.  Other buildings have either apartments or motel rooms.

This was one of the properties for sale we wanted to look at.  Condos.  But they were to close to Highway 101.  They did over look the ocean.

This is the other side of the condos.  One garage per unit.

Little bay with lots of wildlife.  See them all?

Canadian Geese.

Harbor Seals.

Seagulls and Cormorants

My friend Rolf and his friend Autumn came from Portland for the day.  I had contacted him and three other people we know from the area about hooking up.  

Had dinner here.  Was excellent.

This bigger building started out as a rest area and now is a whale watching information and watching center.  Lots of whales here, but didn't get any good photos for posting.

This guy had a great day of crabbing.  You can see these are WAY bigger then the one the seagull got. 

The owner of this boat came in, unloaded his boat of fish.  Threw a good sized piece of fish into the water at a seal.

The seal looked at the fish and like a spoiled child decided it didn't want it, slapped the water with it's flipper.  The fisherman looked at the seal then walked away.  Like a parent saying, "If you don't want it, I'm not giving you anything else." 

People going out to whale watch.

Not sure what these are called.  If you know let me know in the comments.

USCG came in through the narrows.

Pirate in front of a coffee shop. 

This pirate isn't looking to good.  

Nice looking Chevy Camaro.  Lots of sports cars in this area.  But the drivers sure are slow in the curves.  We get stuck behind a lot of them.