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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

Took these photos in Florence, Oregon before we left.

Can use the deer for Halloween and Christmas.

The spider's head rotated back and forth.

Yes, might have been better at night. But still thought they looked great during the day.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


JoAnn and I flew from Phoenix, AZ. to Des Moines, IA. sardine class.  Came to Iowa to visit with family.  We got this Dodge Journey for a rental.  I liked it other then the Kumbo tires were noisy at 55 plus speeds.  JoAnn liked the heated steering wheel.   
Rented this little house.  Two bedroom two full bathrooms, one being in the basement.  Very quiet neighborhood.  

Back of the house.  Only heard one dog bark for about 20 seconds, one time.  Not like living at our Arizona home.

Went to Sioux City, IA. to meet up with my sisters and brother-in-laws for lunch.  My parents have both passed away.  My Mom in 2003 and my Dad in 2016.  Not a day goes by I think about them and miss them.    

Would have liked to have got a photo of a combine next to a semi truck/trailer.  WAY bigger then a semi truck.

JoAnn had the "Famous Cheeseburger salad."  We get a kick out of places who use famous in the title.  Another one we got a kick out of was the ball park burger.  It was a burger with a hot dog cut in half and put on top.  One of my brother-in-laws got that.

Lots of wind turbine since the last time we were in Iowa.

This is one of the blades of a wind turbine.  You can compare it with the semi truck/trailers.  This is located at a rest area along I-80.

They go for miles.

A little out of focus, but shows a wind turbine being built.  Lots more going up. 

Heading for JoAnn's parent's house.  Traffic in Des Moines on the 235.  Hooked up with most of JoAnn's sisters and brothers one day, the rest of the time spent with her parents, when not at the rental.

Snow in the forecast the night before we were going to leave for Arizona.

The morning leaving.  Nothing bad.  Roads were clear.

Back in Phoenix, AZ.  Flight was long in sardine class.  Was good to be back in our car. 

This driver thought they were "special" driving on the shoulder to get ahead of us and others.  Had several like that.

Of course then you have the ones who wait until the last minute to try to cut in line for an exit.

In the HOV lane.  Heading back to our Arizona home.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Had to leave beautiful Oregon.  You know those darn commitments.  This is an elk viewing area on Highway 38 east of Reedsport, Oregon.
JoAnn and I workamped at Loon Lake the summer of 2010.  We didn't go to the park.  

I told JoAnn we need to try not to make any commitments for April 2020 through November 2020.  That is how long I want to stay in Oregon next year.  Still rather be there year round, but JoAnn doesn't want to.  

Lots of fall colors.

Mt. Shasta.

Lots of logging trucks.  

More fall colors.

Haven't seen fall colors since September 2012 when we workamped at Gunnison Lakeside Resort near Gunnison, Colorado.

We have been here before when we left Loon Lake in 2010.

Diamond View Motel in Susanville, CA.  $71.00 including tax.  Nothing fancy, but it worked for one night.

Pretty boring drive in some areas.

Las Vegas, NV.  5 pm.  JoAnn didn't want to stay in another motel so we continued on.  Now back in hot, brown, dusty, dry, boring Arizona.  

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sutton Creek Trail

Another beautiful day for a hike.  Have done several others but like this one. Although Sweet Creek is the best.

These blooms out in the winter.  They are called Coast Silk Tassel. No blooming right now of course, still just fall here. 

Just a scenery shot.  Past the dunes is the Pacific Ocean.  Could hear the surf. 

This is a shot of the Sea Lion Cave Building. 

Closer view.

Even closer view.  Foggy.  Not smoke.

This is not for just this trail, but any trail.

Scenery shot.  Only saw two other people hiking.  Otherwise had the trail to ourselves.  Lots of tree rats and chipmunks running around.  Lots of different birds and saw lots of gardener snakes.

Another photo of Sutton Creek.  Beautiful isn't it?

Back to the car.  The hike was two and one half hours.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Sand Dunes Road

Took a ride out to the South Jetty. 

One side of the road this, the other side hills to climb over to the to the beach.

USCG out on the Siuslaw River.  Have a base up the river.

Parked the car at the South Jetty and hiked to the beach.

Wild path.

Made it to the beach.  Was a nice warm cloudy day.

Where the Siuslaw River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, we are on the jetty.  As you remember from reading another post there are ten different species of seagulls.  How many different ones do you see here? 

Lots of fisherman out on boats.  On the other side of the river.

Heading back.  Ocean to the right, river to the left.

Waves coming up the river.

Was told that guys and gals surf on the waves coming up the river.  That would be cool to see.

This is the reason all the fisherman were on the other side of the river.  Would love to come out here when it is stormy weather to see how high the waves are coming in.

This road took us back to the car.  Yes should have gone this way over the hills to the beach.  But still was fun going the other way.