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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Scotland - Gills to Inverness

Once back on the Scottish mainland, we headed east to check out John O'Groats and the Duncansby Head Lighthouse.  This is just some of the sights along the way.

Colorful buildings as we approach John O'Groats

John O'Groats is famous for its sign post that marks one end of the End To End trail.  This route goes from Land's End, 874 miles to the southwest in Cornwall to John O'Groats in the northeast corner of the Isle of Britain.

Information about the Pentland Firth that flows between the Isle of Britain and the coast of the Orkneys.

Information about the upcoming photo

Dang cute Hairy Coo at the John O'Groats gift shop.  They had them in every size from 4" high to 3' high.

Not sure what load this ship was hauling.  Maybe wind turbine tower parts?

Duncansby Head Lighthouse

Pentland Skerries lighthouse we could see from Duncansby Head.
We walked over the hill from the lighthouse to see the stacks.
Interesting ruin seen on our way south to Inverness.

We stopped in the town of Wick for a meal.  Click to enlarge to read menu
Gull I spotted while waiting for our food.  It was posing on a roof top

Hardware show across the road had some colorful wheelbarrows.

We ordered meat pies again.  All the different variations of meat pies we got during our travels in Scotland.

Back on the road to Inverness

How's that for a town name?

Met a line of race cars on the road.  They each had a number on the side.

We took a short detour off the road for a peek at Dunrobin Castle

Interesting sign
I never did figure out what these signs were about.  No scenic pull off. Think they were speed camera signs.

Many of the curves were marked with arrows and reflective posts.  No curve signs.

We crossed over three long bridges on the way to Inverness but this one over Cromarty Firth had traffic backed up on it due to road construction

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