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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Scotland - Portree

We went out for a little walk around Portree.  Climbed the "The Lump", a hill along the harbor.  On top is the apothecary tower.  It was built in 1834 by a pharmacist to advertise to sailors that he was open for business.  The tower was blown over during a storm in 1991 but was re-built.

We climbed the stairs inside the tower.

Great view over the harbor

There were a few of the block caps that had falled from the top of the tower.  They were on the ground around it and one was inside at the base of the stairs.

Looking over to the other side of town across the harbor, we could see the Old Man of Storr in the distance.

Closer shot of the Old Man of Storr

I can't figure out what breed of bird this is.  Slight resemblance to a taiga flycatcher.  Could always be the female of some breed but of course they don't show both sexes.

Time for dinner

View of the harbor from in front of the restaurant.

I ordered the platter so I could try the local seafood

 The mussels were good but the langoustines, like lobster, are a lot of work.

After our meal, I walked to the other side of the harbor so I could get a photo of the row of buildings that include the restaurant.  You can see it to the left where the yellow is on the lower part of the building.  Above on the hill is the Apothecary's Tower.  The local gossip is that the buildings used to be drab but a gay couple decided to paint their house pink.  The blue and white home is home of a West Ham United soccer team fan.

Small post office in town.  I noticed that the post offices in Scotland didn't have the name of the town on them.

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