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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Starfish Beach House

Rental house is located at Roads End in Lincoln City, Oregon.

The "Beach House". We stayed here almost three weeks.

The driveway was very steep.  JoAnn backed the car into the garage.  Had to go slow to not rub the front bumper on the pavement.

Was a big long garage.  Could get several vehicles in it if one wanted to.

The second garage was set up with the ping pong table in which we used several times.

Had to go up several steps.  The front door to the rental was on the left at the top of these steps.

Outside steps.

Inside, up some more steps.

And yet more steps to the master bedroom which was really just a loft bedroom.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom. 

Had this noisy fan in the top of the ceiling that ran 24/7.  The only thing we could think of was to keep the air moving in the rental.

Standing in the loft looking down to the living room and dining room.

High vaulted ceiling.  Was happy to have the window covers because once the sun came around to the ocean side it really warmed the place up.  Would have been worse without the shades.

Another photo of the dining room and sliding glass door to get out on the deck.

Chandelier was interesting. 

Nice sized kitchen that had almost everything we needed.

Washer dryer in hallway.  Across from it was another bathroom with shower. 

Bedroom number two.  Very uncomfortable chair for reading so didn't do much since JoAnn watched a lot of TV.

Bedroom number three.  Left the windows open in the three bedrooms as much as possible.  Had to close them when people had to have their wood burning fireplaces going. 

So as you remember seeing the sliding glass door, this is part of the deck.  Next door is another rental.  Roads End was over half rentals.  A lot of homes for sale in this area too.  Five hundred grand on up. 

View of the ocean from the deck.  Not the best, but better then the view from any window in our Arizona home.   

Sunsets.  Had lots of clouds or fog out on the water while here.

Saw some wind surfers from our deck.  This was the best photo.

Blue jay from the deck.

This was the best photo we could get of the USCG helicopter that flew by two to four times a day.  Most of the time by the time we heard it, it was to late for a photo.

Inside the rental, this sea turtle wall hanging is made of driftwood.

The rental had an ice cream scoop so we had to have some ice cream, right?

My buddy, Rolf came for a visit with his 35 year old motorcycle.  I felt it was best for him to park it in the garage over on the street.

He didn't have any problems getting it down and out of the garage.  So let us know in the comments what you think of this rental. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hiking and more

Did some hiking in the area, when at the Cabin On The Creek rental house.

Some of the trail.

Green Slug.

Ran into some hard areas to get through.

Came across a park ranger who was clearing some trail in a different area and asked if we could clear some areas if we had cutters.  Was told to go for it.

Went to Ace Hardware in Lincoln City, bought two cutters and one pair of gloves.  We would use a cutter in one hand and hold the branch, which some had thorns, with the other hand. 

Salmon Berries.  We were told by the ranger they were good to eat.  We left them for the birds and bears. 

Love being in the green.


Located .09 tenths of a mile from rental.  Walked to it. 

Tried to get pizza at Otis Pizzeria in Otis, OR but was ignored by employees.  Got the hint, left and went to Gallucci's Pizza in Lincoln City. 

My pizza, JoAnn's is in the photo above.  It was okay but not as good as Papa John's and Pizza Ranch.

Out on lots of gravel roads. 

The suspension bridge over Drift Creek Falls spans 240 feet, hanging 100 feet above the canyon floor.  Built in 1997, all the materials were flown in by helicopter.  The bridge can support 165,000 pounds.

The falls from standing on the bridge.

Falls from down at the bottom.

Trail back to the car. 

Who is that?

Waited for a cool day in McMinnville so we could go over to look at SUVs.

There was a dead bird on the deck at the rental and some slugs were eating what was left. 

This slug was four inches long.