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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oregon Coast Trail: Indian Sands

So we went to Indian Sands Viewpoint and went south to connect with the point we stopped the day before.  It took 1/2 hr for us to reach that point.

The first part was wide and steep.

After going through some sand, we found a great trail that was some of the most level we walked in this area.

We crossed over a bridge and saw these construction pylons in the ditch below.

We thought there was a sheltered lagoon below but that is a small island and water was coming into the "lagoon" from the opposite direction also.

The trail followed a stream for a while.

Closer to the viewpoint, we followed the trail to the sandy coast. 

It finally descended and went through a very long, sandy area.  We would have had to take off our shoes and put them back on when we got to the other side.  Maybe another time.

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