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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Oregon Coast Trail: Lone Ranch Beach to House Rock

We ended our last walk at the top of the point you can see on the other side of the beach.
From the paved trail to the beach, we found the Oregon Coast Trail marker post then crossed this plank bridge over a stream.
We climbed the bluff to the north of the beach
We've seen lots of berries on our walks

Entering back into the forest

The trail had collapsed at this point so we had to go around

We made a very steep descent down to this bridge

Interesting moss-covered tree
We climbed a steep, sandy, eroded trail up to the viewpoint

We came to an area that was full of Stellar Jays all screeching at us for being in their area
We saw a bluff ahead and knew it must have been a viewpoint because we saw people on it.
Great view from House Rock Viewpoint

There was a memorial to Samuel H. Boardman at the viewpoint.  The area we are walking in in the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Looking back down the bluff to the area of the trail.

Had to zoom in to see the trail.

There was a trail marker at the viewpoint

Maybe a Fairy Bell

This was a muddy section but we managed to stay upright

Sometimes the trail is tilted and almost non-existant

Just about back to Lone Ranch Beach 

This snake was sunning and didn't want to move.

Interestingly shaped stack

Probably an American Tree Sparrow

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