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Friday, September 01, 2017

The Marble House

Moved out of Rainbow Rock condo.  JoAnn had made reservations in July for a house seven miles up the Chetco River by Brookings, OR.   However due to the Chetco Bar Fire it was very smoky there.  The rental company found us a different home north of Gold Beach, Oregon.  It took some time because people had rented homes due to the eclipse coming up that week.  The Marble House was a brand new just listed rental. 

The owner of the house lives in the little house to the left.  The Marble House is to the right.

This is the Marble House.  Won't have picked it on our own, but was glad to have it August 18 to August 25, since the house along the Chetco River is still in a level 3 evacuation as of this posting.  Level 3 is the most serious level. It means that there is imminent danger in your area and that you need to leave immediately. Don't stop to gather your belongings or to try to protect your home. Just get out right away. If you delay, you may be trapped and emergency personnel may not be able to assist you.

Walkway to house.  As you can see the walkway isn't overly level.  Had a little pond to the left with minnows in it. 

Rental company emailed information to JoAnn's smart phone on the house, but didn't give her the code to get to the key to get into the house.  After several calls and 45 minutes we got the right code.

Once in and turn around there are these big doors.  Have the outside door with a lock, but also these doors.

Kitchen, dining room, living room.   See the little TV on the counter?  On the wall around the wood square is stained glass window into the laundry room.  

Kitchen had a deep industrial sink.  Little dish rack to the right and can see part of the microwave. 

Dining room and to the right, big windows with shades on them.  JoAnn wondered if this house was a garage at one time. 

The living room.  Furniture facing away from the TV.  Did contact the rental company on things that needed to be added to the kitchen and that the big TV in the bedroom should be moved here and put where the vase is.  There were connections there.  Then get some shades and curtains for the windows.  Then they should put the small TV on the kitchen counter in the bedroom.   

Hallway to master bedroom and bath.  Plus smaller bedroom on the left, main bath and laundry room on the right.  The ceiling in this house was around thirteen foot high.  Doors were eight foot high. 

Small bedroom.  No shades or curtains on the windows. 

Laundry room.  Had to go into this room to get to the main bathroom.

Sink was maybe two feet off the ground.  Main bathroom to the left.

Main bathroom.  The floor was heated in both bathrooms.  Wish the rest of the house had heated floors because the marble was COLD.  Had to run the heat at 65 to 75 degrees during the day this place was so cold. 

Shower.  No door.  At least this and the master bath shower head was high enough for Nolan. 

Nice shelves on it for stuff.  We didn't end up using this shower.  We just used the master bathroom shower.

Master bedroom.  No shades or curtains on the windows.  We are on vacation.  Like to be able to sleep in, not be woke up at 5:30 am.  Big TV, no chairs.  Moved two chairs in from living room to watch TV.  House had very poor insulation, ocean was a mile away and could hear the surf. 

There were two doors in the master bedroom leading outside.  One had a dog door.  No lock on it.  Out the door is all forest.  Was glad we never got any four legged visitors from the forest through the doggie door.   

Still in the master bedroom.  Did like all the wood over the ugly white painted wood so many homes have these days.  The modern look as some call it.  The boring ugly look as Nolan says.  On the left is the doorway to the master bath.  Also above is another stained glass window, which connects to the master bath.

Master bathroom.  Biggest tub we have ever seen.  Yes that is marble on the walls.

Master bath shower.  BIG.  No door or curtain so got water on the floor outside of the shower.  Still, did like the 7 foot tall showerhead. 

The counter in the master bathroom was three and a half foot tall.

               Funky looking, shallow sink.                       
Walk in closet off the master bathroom .

Other side of master bedroom walk in closet. 
Flowers outside in the pond.

View from the windows of the Marble House. 

JoAnn's treasures from walking on the beach.

Very windy in this area.  The waves were crashing in the day we left and when back to Brookings, Oregon.

Photos and print done by Nolan. 

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