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Thursday, August 10, 2017

House on Murphy, Crescent City, CA.

We weren't able to use the garage, but at least we had a nice driveway to park the car on.  Rented this unit July 28 to August 6.

Front entrance.

Keyless entry.  Just need the code.  Owner lives across the street so easy to contact. 

Once in the door turned left into the lower level.  To the right was the washer/dryer, but was also a toilet, sink and shower behind the door.  Had a wall heater and a portable heater.

Turn around and here is the day bed.  There was some kind of critter or more in the walls.  Mice no doubt.  Did tell the owner and she called pest control, so hopefully in time it will take care of the problem. 

Back out and up the stairs.

Turn to the dining room.

Living room.  Heat was the portable heater.  Was cool here.  Only a block from the ocean.  But we loved the cool weather. 

Kitchen.  Love the wood cabinets.  Not painted white, black or gray, which seems to be the look on the home improvement shows are using that we have been seeing on the TV.

Right side of kitchen.

Loved the under the counter sink. 

Upstairs bedroom. 

The bedroom didn't have a door and had decorative shelving for part of the wall.  White door is the bathroom.  

Cool shower. 

Pedestal sink.  Don't care for these.  Like the storage under sinks. 

This is all made of rock. 

Nice shell. 

More shells in the kitchen above the cabinets.

Lots of nice sunny days.  View from living room window.

Most mornings were foggy like this and then the fog might burn off by afternoon.

Or not.  Could be like this some or all of the day. 

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