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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rainbow Rock Condo

Condo was located in Brookings, Oregon. 
Stayed here August 6 to August 18.
We had a gate code to get in the first time but had opener to use once we were in the condo.  This car is stopped at the entry code input post.  See where "gate" is written?  Just run the car's front tires over it and the exit gate opened up.

Our car had an detached garage.  Had an opener for that too. 

You can see the car in the garage to the right.  From there we walked to the building, the entrance was to the right down a long outside hall. 

This is the other side of the condos.  The condos faced the ocean. There was one unit for sale at $380 grand. We were on the first floor so had neighbors on three sides.  The noisiest neighbor was above us.  Although I should say we never heard anything from either neighbor on the sides of us. 

Back to the other side, there was a little courtyard and a forest we could hike in. 

Front door to condo. 

Inside.  Nolan hated the little flags.  He would hit them so he folded them over themselves during our stay. 

One of the bedrooms.  The windows faced the sidewalk and people walking by could look in like at a motel.

Master bedroom.  Windows are the same as the other bedroom, so curtains are closed all the time. 

Master bath.  Most people would say it was dated but we liked the counter and the built in sink.  The shower heads were too low for anyone over 5 1/2 foot.  This one had a removable shower head and hose so that helped a lot.   

Washer/dryer.  Washer is very noisy. 

Main bathroom.


Another picture of kitchen.  The frig/freezer was noisy too.  It whined when running.  We did let the owner know about this.

We were amazed on the amount of food past renters left behind. 

Some of it was outdated and we threw it away, but some of the stuff that wasn't outdated we used. 

Dining room and sliding glass door to the deck.

Living room.

Turned on the TV and got this.  Tried the internet and it was limited.  Called the owner, left a message and they called back the next day with the number we could use to call the cable/internet company.  A tech came out the same day.  We were amazed.  The cable TV had some loose connections in the maintenance room.  As for the internet, some past renter had sticky fingers and removed the cable between the wall and modem.

The deck and view.

View out of the sliding glass door and deck.  Lots of small boats out in the mornings, if the water was calm.  Loved the view. 

Fog coming in. 

Fog in plus watching the hummingbird feeder.  Usually saw three hummingbirds.  One is sitting on the wire of the feeder.  The owner next door had to refill the feeder every morning. 

This was usually the temperature here everyday.  Never used the furnace or the air conditioner.  Had one day it got up to 75 degrees and it was considered a heat wave.  Got a laugh out of that one.   

JoAnn's beach treasures. 

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