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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

We traveled the Redwood Highway from our rental in Arcata, CA to the one in Crescent City, CA.  We've been up this way before and love the area for the forest hikes.

We stopped to hike the trail to the Big Tree.  Ok, this wasn't it but it's big.

Sometimes there are growths off of the  trees that look interesting.

Loved this sign post by the Big Tree.

It was hard to get close to the Big Tree due to all the people but we just used them for size reference.

This tree is "swallowing" its nurse log.

This crevice was hardly big enough for JoAnn

Loved the ferns growing in the cracks.

One big dead tree

We walked along Prairie Creek

The moss growing on the trees sure adds an interesting effect to the scenery.

The Corkscrew Tree

Can you see JoAnn in the tree?

These are some tiny flowers

Wonder what made this tree grow form this loop.

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