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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Rainbow Rock Beach

Sea cave/tunnel on Rainbow Rock Beach. 

Tide pool creatures.  Sea star is probably a Purple Star.  The Purple Star ranges from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico and are the most common sea star found in this area.  It feeds on mussels, abalone, chitons, barnacles and snails.

Giant Green Anemone can grow up to 12" in diameter and can be found along the Pacific coast from Alaska to Panama.  Their color comes from the algae living in their tentacles. 

More anemone

You can see the other end of the tunnel

Probably a Goose Barnacle

Various Turbans.  Black Turbans are believed to live 100 years.

Nolan waded through the deeper water to go see the other end of the tunnel.

The other end of the tunnel

Little crab scurrying for cover.  Looks like he took a Baetic Olive Snail shell for a home.  Probably some sort of hermit crab.

Another little crab without a shell

We threw down a quarter so you could see the size of the crab.  Tiny little thing about the size of a dime.

Deer just off our deck.

It didn't seem to mind us watching from the deck.

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