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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Losee Canyon Trail

Since we had a day to spare, we went hiking in Dixie National Forest. We choose the Losee Canyon Trail that starts about three miles from where our trailer is parked. Two of that was gravel.
Map of trails in the area. Losee Canyon Trail is the one with the largest lettering. It's 2.9 miles and graded moderate. It's a multi-use trail open to bicyclists, horses and hikers.
Here's what the trail looked like as we started hiking. Notice how the trail is a little rutted here.
The trail crossed the wash 13 times. Looking up the wash.
Looking down the wash.
Here you can see how rutted the trail was for most of the way. It was coated in fine sand so, by the time we got done hiking, we were covered in it too.

There were a few colorful trees in the wash.

Sometimes the trail ran in the wash.

...We did meet three horses on the way back. Course after meeting them, there was new horse droppings on the trail.

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