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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bryce Canyon National Park - Day 2 - Hiking

For day two of our Bryce adventure, we decided to reverse our hike on the Navajo Trail but when we got to the bottom, we turned onto the Queens Garden Trail so we could hike to Sunrise Point. Any time you go a different direction on a trail, you see different things. On the way down Navajo Trail we saw this tree growing in an interesting spot.

Shortly after we turned onto the Queens Garden Trail, we spotted this balanced rock.

...We saw an interesting white hoodoo but by the time we got to a spot for a clear shot with the camera, it had almost disappeared completely behind red hoodoos. You can just make it out in the center of the photo.

Just some beautiful scenery shots.

Before we came across this narrow passage, I was thinking they could ride ATVs down the trail to rescue anyone who was injured. No ATV is going through this.

Then the trail went through the hole between these two hoodoos.

...We went through a second hole and got a good photo of it once we started climbing.

There's Aquarius Plateau on the horizon with Sinking Ship Plateau in front of it.

There's that elusive white hoodoo and a good shot of the trail going around it.

There were quite a few times where we could see Sunset Point and the part of Navajo Trail we had come down.

...We made it up the hill to Sunrise Point and walked the paved trail back to Sunset Point.

From Sunset Point we drove to the trailhead for Mossy Cave trail. People were feeding this little chipmunk in the parking lot.

Info panel for Mossy Cave Trail. The trail goes a short distance than splits. One way is Mossy Cave and the other is a waterfall.

Can you imagine that? Hand-digging a 10 mile canal? Wow, that's a lot of work.

Start of the trail

We crossed over two bridges. This is the first one. I can't believe how much water was flowing in the stream. I figured it was cold so I went down to feel it. I'm guessing it was around 70 to 75°. Way warmer than I expected.

Our first sighting of the waterfall

...We walked to Mossy Cave first. It had a wide, maybe 50' mouth and went back into the rock about 50' at the deepest. Water was dripping from the ceiling and a tiny stream of water started at the mouth of the cave.

There was moss growing on the cave ceiling.

...On the way to the waterfall, I spotted a tiny lizard, maybe 2" long. Nolan got this great photo of him... what a poser!

See the trail behind the waterfall?

...It led up to these holes in the rocks. I told Nolan I would climb up there but I was too tired from the hike we had just done below-the-rim. We were pretty bushed by the time we got here.

...On the way back to the campground we saw this sign and decided to follow the road for a couple miles to see if we could spot any prairie dogs. No dice. I did learn that Utah Prairie Dogs are one of four prairie dog species in North America and their range is limited to the southwestern quarter of Utah. They are listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

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