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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Las Vegas, NV

..Due to the size of our vehicles, we didn't fit in the cheaper parks by Las Vegas so we had to stay at the Las Vegas KOA at Circus Circus. Even then we either didn't fit on their regular sized sites or their regular sites didn't have 50 amp electric. Since it was 100° when we rolled into town, we wanted the 50 amps so we could run both air conditioners.
Their sites are obscenely expensive but at least we had water pressure again.
The RV park we stayed at by Bryce Canyon National Park had this kind of water pressure. Showers were almost an ordeal when trying to get the shampoo out of the hair and the soap off of the skin.
After getting set up and waiting for the temperature to drop a couple degrees, we walked out to the Strip, bought some bus tickets and went out in search of free stuff. This photo was taken from the front top seat of the Deuce, a double decker bus that operates exclusively on the Strip.

....I really wondered how many gardeners are employed in this town after seeing the lavish gardens and landscaping at these casinos.

..We took the Deuce all the way to the end of the Strip to see the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Erected in 1959, it was designed by a local resident.
Then we started walking back north on the Strip. Our first objective was to see the registration lobby aquarium at the Mandalay Bay. The walkway to the front of the casino led us by this waterfall,

and these elephants.
..The aquarium was easy to find but hard to take a photo of because of the windows behind it.
Notice the railed tram on the overhead tracks. It ran between the Mandalay Bay, the Luxor and the Excalibur.
..The Sphinx's body is the covered entry way into the Luxor. It's so hard to get a good photo of the neat stuff because of the cramped area it is all stuff into. We went inside the Luxor thinking we could see the slanted elevators but they are enclosed. We never did get back to it at night to see the World's Largest Light Beam that shines from its apex at night.

Some of the interesting architecture at the Excalibur. We were too early to see the dragons that appeared in the moats after dusk.
The New York, New York casino and hotel is supposed to resemble the New York City skyline.
Right down to a small scale replica of the Statue of Liberty.
...I think this is supposed to be a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Two of my favorite guys! Well really only the red one because I'm not a peanut M&M fan.
There was an elevator inside the Coca-Cola bottle.
..Now that's a big bike!
The Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Casino actually straddles the casino floor. Since the time was approaching for some of the nightly free events, we didn't go into it until the next day so those photos are later in this post.
Next stop was the Dancing fountains at the Bellagio. It was getting dark so most of the photos didn't come out but this one gives you some idea of how the fountains sprayed.

..You can just make out the higher shots of water. I bet they went up 50 foot! We also stopped to see the volcano at the Mirage and the pirate show at Treasure Island but our camera didn't like the dark and we didn't get any good shots.
.. The one show in Vegas that Nolan and I would really like to see. Just a couple nights before we got there, we saw a special on CMT that showed portions of his show.
..The Deuce's visual display of the route was wildly inacurate and I wasn't listening well enough to the announcements so we missed our stop at Circus Circus. We had to walk four or five blocks back to it. That wouldn't have been a big deal but we had already put on a few miles seeing the sites so our feet were hurting and we were hot. This is the Circus Circus portico. I'm surprised this photo came out so good. It was still 90° when we got back to the trailer.
..The next day we got up early to beat the heat. But that made us too early for some of the daytime free stuff. Oh well. Someday when we are rich (ha,ha,ha) we'll go back to see some of the shows. This is just another view from the front top of the Deuce.
This is the Conservatory at the Bellagio. At 14,000 sf atrium under a 55' ceiling, the displays change on a seasonal basis. This one was for Halloween and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. Lots of mums. The trees on the right had water falling from their upper leaves onto their lower leaves in a waterfall effect.

This is another water feature where water pours from the top, falls into the next cupped leave before overflowing to the next leaf. Very neat.
...Too bad this is so dark. This stump had an interesting face.
We really wanted a photo of the talking tree but the photos came out either too dark or washed out like this.
...We saw quite a few motor cops and a few bike cops. I had never seen motorcycles like this used by the police but they probably don't go off the Strip and out on the freeway.
Fountain in front of the Paris Casino.
Notice the details around the top of the building.
..We went inside the Paris Casino this time to see the hallways done up like the streets of Paris. All the shops looked like buildings and the ceiling was painted like the sky.

Nolan took this shot and I don't remember seeing this. I think it was by the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.
This sculpture was definitely on the front of the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.
There were lots of these portable billboards on the Strip. I really don't think the trucks hauled anything. They were pointed in the front and got wider toward the back.
This is what the Deuce buses looked like. They were all painted differently with advertisements for shows.
....I have several photos here of the Venetian's waterway and gondolas. You could buy a ride on a gondola but they weren't operating when we were there.

Look at the interesting driveway to the Venetian.

Must take some work to get these bushes to look like this.

...We went inside the Venetian to check out the painted ceiling. Very interesting murals but it was too dark inside for our camera.
Exotic cars for rent. I bet those were pricy.
Nolan found another show he would like to see. I say those bronze buns have been rubbed a lot!
Not really a Las Vegas thing but as we were leaving town, one of the enclosure doors came open on the highway. I think I must have noticed it shortly after it opened and, luckily, it wasn't damaged and no one was struck by it. There was a large area in the "V" area at an exit, so we stopped there to shut the door. From now on, those doors will be double checked before we hit the road.

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