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Friday, September 01, 2017

Sisters Rock State Park, OR

About three miles north of the rental was Sisters Rock State Park.  This was just a spot to pull off Hwy 101 and hike down to the rocks.

At least the trail was marked.

A Red Admiral butterfly

Walking along and saw this lizard standing completely still in the path.  He just looked at us. 
Then we saw why he wasn't moving.  Right behind him on the trail was a snake.  This photo shows the lizard at the bottom of the screen and the snake in the shadow of a bush.

The snake was hunting for food.

We couldn't tell what the snake grabbed but it looked like a half-eaten apple.  The snake was moving off with its prey so we took a step forward.  The poor lizard didn't know what to do.  After we took another step, it took off and headed toward where the snake was going.  It quickly changed its mind and darted to the side of the trail.

Looking to the south after we got out toward the rocks.

Path/road to the rocks.

First we went down to this cove and walked out to the point on the left.
Back up on the path we went right and headed toward this hole in the rock

We had to climb up to the hole

Looking down into the hole to see the waves churning the water.

Back out and to the right we walked down to a boulder filled beach.

The sea side of the sea cave.

We sat for quite a while watching the waves crash into the rocks.

A gull calm sat watching.  The wind was blowing hard.

The gull was sitting on a rock across from the entrance to the sea cave.

It's hard to tell from this photo how fast the waves were coming to shore.

As we climbed back up to the trail, we looked south and saw the smoke rising from the Chetco Bar Fire by Brookings.  Yes we could occasionally smell the smoke.

There was a beach on the other side of the rock that we didn't explore.

Back up at the parking lot this gull was posing hoping for a handout.  We disappointed it.

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