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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Rainbow Rock condo, again

Sign says fire activity ahead.  Nolan didn't want to go back to Brookings, Oregon by the Chetco Bar Fire.

Back to the Rainbow Rock condos for the second half of our month of rental.  Left two days early due to parking lot maintenance at the condo.

Some days were excellent for getting out and enjoying the day.

Sometimes the smoke would come in and make it a little worse. If we had west winds it was great to get out.  East winds not a good day to be out. 

Other days were like being at Sunscape RV Park in Arizona for the winter, when people in the park have to have a wood burning campfire.  Just have to stay inside. 

Super nice day here with the fog coming in. 

Went for a hike in the woods this day.  Fog still slowly coming in. 

Quail out running around one day.  Didn't want to open the sliding glass door and scare them.

Quail and a little squirrel to the right.

There are hiking trails north of the condo.  Didn't even have to get the car out of the garage.  JoAnn went down a trail we hadn't been on before and came across an abandon campsite.

We took plastic bags back the next time and filled them up with trash.  The photos don't show all the trash left behind by some asshole.  Got the job done in 5 trips.

On the way back with a load, found out I had a hitchhiker. 
Had a few warm days and had to run the air conditioner.  Most days were nice in the low 60s and 70s and had the screen door open to the ocean.

Fishing from a kayak
Town disappeared behind the fog
We've always thought the dandelions in the NW were interesting. 
In the Midwest the stems are thicker and much shorter.
Oregon Swallowtail
On really clear days we could just make out this rock/lighthouse/?? in the distance.  Think it is the Saint George Reef Lighthouse located 6 miles offshore near the Oregon/California border.
Fishing boat in the bay.
Red moon courtesy of the smoke from the Chetco Bar Wildfire.
Heavy smoke also made it possible to look right at the sun.

Nolan's friend from Portland rode down on his 34 year old vintage motorcycle.   Nolan wants to buy a house along the 101 and get a couple of motorcycles, rent a place in Arizona a couple months in the winter.  JoAnn is still thinking on it.  Both of us have a few years yet before we plan to retire from working at Sunscape.

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