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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Drive South Along the Coast

We had driven up the coast twice so we decided it was time to go further south. Our first stop was in Bandon at Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint. Nolan thought this house had the best view.
First you have to read the story about what you are going to see. Double-click to enlarge if this photo is too small to read.
A drawing to show you why the rock is called Face Rock.
Now I never would have seen the face without seeing the drawing first. No imagination, I guess.
This is the coast south of Face Rock.
Coast north of Face Rock.
We continued on south stopping at viewpoints when we noticed this interesting signage at Port Orford.
This gull greeted us at the viewpoint.

The view from left to right.

The Oregon Coast Mile-By-Mile Guide says, "Port Orford is the only open-water port on the Oregon coast and is one of six "dolly" ports in the world where recreational and commercial fishing boats are hoisted into and out of the water daily. "
Everyone is welcome to visit the port.
Notice the interesting boat trailers in this photo and the next one.

We noticed the hoist was doing something so we stopped to look.
Little by little we saw some antenna emerge from behind the wall.
Yep, we were just in time to see a boat hauled out of the water with the skipper still aboard.
He jumped off and walked away why the boat hung there. After a while he came back with this truck and trailer. We noticed a lot of old trucks on the dock and figured they were all just for pulling the boats around.
Once the trailer was in place, the hoist operator lifted the boat up over the dock wall.
The skipper hauled on the rope as the boat was lifted so it didn't turn the wrong way.
The skipper had to turn the boat to align it with the trailer.
Once it was aligned, the hoist operator lowered it onto the trailer.
We thought the boat was sure far back on the trailer.
But it was ok with the skipper because he unhooked the boat from the hoist cables.
and pulled it to a spot on the dock.
Then we continued on down the coast. Didn't get far when we saw a pull-off that offered good views. This is looking back at Port Orford and the dock.
Looking south.
I saw an interesting weed at another viewpoint and tried to get a photo but the camera focused on the background. These are seed pods.
Another shore view. It's getting foggy down south.
Well by the time we got to Cape Sebastian State Scenic Viewpoint the fog had moved it. This is supposed to be a photo of the ocean. All we saw was the fog coming at us.
But the foliage was pretty.
We decided to walk the path anyway.
It's a paved path at this point but it is very narrow.
Then it disappeared into this tunnel of evergreens.
Nolan had to duck through most of it.

Hey look, we can just see the shoreline with the water crashing in.
We came to another overlook and this red rock showed up vividly in the fog.
We had to look almost straight down to the water here.
Then the path became dirt with a thick layer of needles.
What's a walk without a little flower sniffin'. The iris in these parts are real small.

Aren't these the fuzziest flowers you've ever seen? See the next photo for a close up.

Looks like a small lily to me.

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