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Monday, June 07, 2010

Loon Lake Views

One perk of this job is we get to use the kayaks and other boats if customers aren't using them. This is myself (in the closest kayak) and another workamper, Stephanie. We kayak to the other end of the lake (over two miles each way) or up the stream that feeds into the lake.

Another view of the lake. In this photo you can see the end of the stream that we kayak up. It's 50' across in most places so it's a heck of a big stream. We've had a lot of rain so the current is pretty strong. The lake rose so far we couldn't get to the dock. They were using a paddle boat to get from shore to the dock. We also walk along the road for exercise. Just have to watch out for the logging trucks that travel it at a pretty good rate of speed.

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