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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day to Day Miscellaneous

There isn't a playground at the resort we are working at so there are planned activities. One of the things kids can do is look for the Loon Lake Loony sign. This is a 8" round piece of wood with a photo of the Loon Lake Loon. Nolan hid it by this tree on Tuesday night.
Yep it's still there. Look at the base of the tree.

When we go into town we pass the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area. I was on the phone to family members so Nolan decided to take some photos of the elk.

While we were in town, we picked up a 5 gallon gas can and filled it full of gas to put in the jet skis. That way we don't have to fill at the dock where it is $5.49/gallon. I've been out twice on the jet skis and Nolan has been out once. It's a blast and all we have to do is fill the tank when we are done. Of course we can't have them if customers want them.

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