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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center

This interesting attraction is in Newport, OR.

And I thought it only existed in the words of a song.
There are lots of tanks displaying different types of sea life.
This is a Christmas anemone and and some strawberry anemone. Sorry, can't tell you what the fish are called.
It's hard to see this Coonstriped Shrimp because of the glare.

Another tank had a large array of starfish, anemone and fish.

Yes the skate has buried itself in the sand so it's hard to see.
Jellyfish in an interesting round tank.

Halibut sure look funny when they swim.

Clown fish (or Nemo to most kids). This and the next photo are from a salt water tank.

It was hard to get photos of the octopus named Dariq because of the glare on the glass.
Octopus suckers on the glass.

I wouldn't want to meet up with one of these!

We stuck our hands in the touch tanks and felt this abalone plus anemone, sea urchins and starfish.
There were lots of displays on how sea life from other areas of the world has arrived in this area and how they have disrupted the life cycles of the native creatures and flora.

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