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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wave Action

Nolan and I both love to sit and watch waves crash into rocks. I think this photo was taken by Yachats, OR.
South of Yachats looking back north.

We stopped at Cape Perpetua to check out Devils Churn and the Spouting Horn.
We came to Devils Churn first. Waves come up into this narrow inlet then continue up an even smaller fissure in the basalt. The fissure runs from the top center of the inlet about 100' further inland. There's a smooth log floating in the inlet. I wonder how long it's been trapped there. Of course we had to get closer so we took the stairs down the hill.

Me trying to get close to the fissure. The basalt is wet and can be slippery so I wasn't getting real close. It was at least 5' from the top of the fissure to down to the water level.
Then we went out toward the ocean and watched it crash into the rocks there. The waves would spray over the top of the rocks and end up in this pool that drained off toward the back.
The waves were churning things up out there.

Next we came to the Spouting Horn.
We never got a good photo of the spouting horn but this gives you some idea of what it looked like.
A whimpy spout with water coming out the hole.

Looking back north, we could see the rocks we had just been out on by Devils Churn.

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