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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mount Walker Viewpoint

Along the east side of Hwy 101 on the Olympic Peninsula, the Mt. Walker Viewpoint is reached by a windy, gravel road. We started at 800's in elevation and the viewpoints were at 2805'.

Course it's aways bad on a gravel road if someone is ahead of you kicking up the dust.

Due to the heat and bad air quality, the view was quite hazy. Here we are at the north viewpoint.

Then we headed over to the south viewpoint.


Dr24Hours said...

Ohhh! My homeland... After 17 years in the midwest I miss it terribly!!

Kevin said...

I was just at the South View point on Mt. Walker on Sept. 22, 2009. It was so clear no haze what so ever, Just Beautiful!! I rode my motorcycle up. I would have gone to the North side by I was low on gas. Had to coast down the hill