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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fort Worden State Park

Fort Worden is a 443-acre park that was part of an important system of coastal fortresses guarding the entrance to Puget Sound.

This display showed the locations of the forts and how they covered the inlet. Sorry, Fort Worden got cut off at the bottom of the photo.

The following photos show the panoramic view from the fort. You can see Fort Casey on Whidbey Island.

You can just make out the tip of Marrowston Island, home of Fort Flagler, in this photo.

The Commanding Officer's Quarters was built in 1904 and is now a museum. Built in the Jeffersonian style, this nearly 6,000-square-foot house features a slate roof and decorated boxed cornices.

The Commaning Officer's Quarters is one of many Victorian houses along Officers' Row that line the parade grounds. The rest have not been restored to the extent that the COQ was but they are now rental units.

Love the oval windows.

All interior photos had to be taken without flash so we have a lot of blurry photos. We don't have photos of the living room but the fireplaces in it and the dining room were ordered from Sears along with the stove in the kitchen and the sliding pocket doors between the dining and living rooms.

None of the furniture is original to the house but it is period appropriate.

This bun warmer was built onto the steam heat register.

See if you can guess the five states.... I'll list them at the bottom of this post.

The washing was actually done in the basement of this home and the washing machine in the corner is just there for display purposes.

Sorry so blurry. This stove was purchased from Sears.

Notice the sweeper and the thin register.

This was originally a servants room but its function changed as the number of servants declined.
Servants were expected to keep up with the household mending and sewing so this room may have served an important function as a sewing room. The vintage Singer treadle sewing machine was a greatly appreciated piece of modern technology. The two white graduation dresses were proudly worn in 1900 (the white cotton) and 1914 (the beaded ivory).

That's a toilet with an elevated cistern and chain. Thanks Carol for making the photo lighter.

Look at the height of that headboard!

Next we went down to the Marine Science Center but it was closed. Since the temperature was in the 80's, the water was full of swimmers.

Nolan was fascinated by this bathing beauty. She sure loved the water.

Looking off the dock, we saw the water was full of jellyfish. A local told us they were harmless.

So have you guessed the five states yet? They are Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico.

...We were going to stay in Port Angeles the first night of the trip but the temperature was in the 90's and the hotel we had picked didn't have air-conditioning. We ended up in Sequim at a hotel with a/c.

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