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Friday, August 02, 2019

World's Smallest Harbor

World's Smallest Harbor. The "World's Smallest Navigable Harbor" covers only six square acres.

Fishing boat.

USCG doing training, going through the channel from the "World's Smallest Harbor" to the Pacific Ocean. 

Coming back in.

Turning around and went back out.

Highway 101 bridge.  The concrete arch bridge with a 150 foot main span and a total length of 312 feet.

Seals out on the rocks.

USCG in training.  One USCG boat towing another USCG boat.

Coming in.  Think about it, if it was a stormy day or night.

Into the 50 foot wide channel.

Didn't bother the seals on the rocks. 

Under the bridge. 

Another day walked by on Highway 101 bridge.  This is where the USGC boats are docked.  One was out.  So far we have only seen three, but looks like there is room for four. 

Since one of the USGC boats was where we could look at it, we walked down to check it out. 

The 47 foot boat is designed as a first response rescue resource for in high seas, surf and heavy weather environments. They are built to withstand the most severe conditions at sea and are capable of effecting a rescue at sea even under the most difficult circumstances. They are self-bailing, self-righting, almost unsinkable, and have a long cruising radius for their size.

Parked in front of the USCG office.  Owner has a great sense of humor. 

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