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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pickle Ball & The Beach

In Lincoln City, a group gets together to play pickle ball seven days a week, 10 am to 12 noon and some times later.  Eight courts.  JoAnn is into pickle ball, so when she went to play, I went for a walk around the area.

About two blocks away was this house.  JoAnn had seen it for sale on-line and liked it. 

It was sold before we got to Depoe Bay.  Would have worked out great since it is only a couple blocks from the pickle ball courts.

Steps to the beach and out again.  Fifty eight of them.

This rock has mussels, barnacles, starfish all over it. 

Close up photo.

Starfish and other sea life just jammed together.

Mussels, starfish and other sea life.

Not sure what this is.  Any ideas?  Post it in the comments.

Moon Jellyfish

Close up of barnacles


One day able to walk out to the rocks, next day can't.  Tide is in. 

People can drive down to the beach, but not allowed to drive up and down the beach.

Got tired of walking on the beach after a few days and took this little trail.

It was shorter then I liked.

Lots of flowers along the trail and in people's lawns.

This house is for sale, had a sign that said ocean view.  Not sure where with the house between it and the ocean and other homes.

Stellar Jays.

Interesting looking house.  Now they had an ocean view.

Compressor for air condition or heat pump or both.

Friendly cat.  I was amazed with the dogs too.  Had one bark at me once, the rest just looked at me when I walked by.  Nice to see that dog owners train their dogs.  Not where dogs have trained their owners. 

Leaving Lincoln City going back to Depoe Bay.  Had a back up most days. 

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