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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Depoe Bay City Park Trail

This park is within walking distance of where we are staying.

Tree looks like it is in a pot, but is in an old tree stump.

Will have to click photo to be able to read it.

This is the trail.  Not as long as we would like it to be, but great for hiking on Saturday and Sunday when the traffic is crazy on the 101. Still a lot of traffic on weekdays, but worse on the weekends.

Will have to click on photo to read what it says.

The trail.  Very easy most of the way.

Click on photo to make it big enough to read.

Nice sized picnic table. 

Water had an iron tint to it

Bridge over the water.

Love being in the green over the desert.

JoAnn being funny with Foxglove plant.

Interesting table.  Think of the people who had to carry this out here.

We think this is a Blue Heron.  If you think otherwise post it in the comment section so we can change it.   

Our first sighting of a slug!!  Aren't you excited?  JoAnn put her lip blum down next to it for size reference. 

Up the stairs.

More stairs.  Comes out on Indian Street and we can walk along the road back to where we are staying. 

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