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Friday, August 16, 2019

Ocean to Bay Trail

We looked at homes in Newport last summer and had them down on our list for this summer.  One place really interested us was Pacific Homes Beach Club.  It was a 55+ manufactured home community.  This trail goes by it.   One way can walk to Walmart, the library and the beach, the other way on a really nice trail. 

Has a tunnel under Highway 101.  Can see the stairs on the other side that go up to the 55 plus community and on the right is the trail. 

The trail is nice and wide with gravel. 

Has a few signs to read along the way.  Most like this one that needs a cleaning.

Just a scenery photo. 

Was amazed on the amount of boardwalk. 

Creek that ran through.

And yes, more boardwalk.

They call it Forest park, but it is still part of the Ocean to Bay Trail.  Although google maps calls it Big Creek Park.

More of a close up.  Can click on it to make it bigger.  Where the trail ends, near by are pickle ball courts.  A game JoAnn enjoys playing.  The courts are located in Frank V Wade Memorial Park. Pickle ball is another reason for looking for a home in Newport.  We took the road and some of the trail back to our car.

Again the photo doesn't show the incline.  It is also gravel.

JoAnn up ahead of me.  What I get for stopping and looking around.

Graffiti on the water tanks.  We figure it's Martin Luther King. Jr. 

We think this is Godzilla.

Michelangelo of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Also saw this sign on a bulletin board.  Welcome in Newport and the county.  Nice to see.  

Back to the car.  We parked at Agate Beach State Recreation Site.

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