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Saturday, August 10, 2019

South Fogerty Park

Most people use the parking lot to go to the beach.  We went the opposite direction and went to the woods for a hike. 

Doesn't look it in the photo but was a 7 plus percent incline for about 20 minutes, then leveled off to a less incline the rest of the hike. 

JoAnn called this a Hobbit's home.  If you read the book or saw the movie Lord of the Rings you know what it means. 

Trees all around.


Cairn.  Stands about 15 inches tall. 

Another view.

Soaking in the green.

Back before chainsaws, men cut slots in the trees with an ax to be able to put a plank in the climb up to cut the tree down.  

Lots of flowers.

View of the ocean.  JoAnn said would be a great place to build a house here. 

Plant lots of flowers like these.

Never seen white foxglove flowers before.  Only the purple ones.

JoAnn going off trail again.

Nice view.  That is Lincoln City and Cascade Head.

Cascade Head and a cloud bank in the background.

Black eyed peas?

Flowers in the trail.  Plan to hike this trail again.

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