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Monday, June 25, 2018

Scotland - Skye Museum of Island Life

The Skye Museum of Island Life gave us a perspective on life on the island before electricity and paved roads.

This is the croft house.  Read the following post to learn about the construction and design.  Looks like they utilized the modern addition of chicken wire and rocks to keep the roof intact.

At least the parent's bedroom was separate from the kids.... then again.. maybe that is why they had 10 kids.

The kid's room

On to the Old Byre

Lots of interesting information about how the crofters got items they couldn't make.  Click to enlarge for reading.

I'm assuming the byre was only where they milked the cows and kept the new born calves

butter churns

A different kind of churn

The Old Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-Lee) House.

Use of rocks to hold the roof down.

The Ceilidh House was full of information about the Isle of Sky and Scotland in general.

A Scottish legend.

The Old Smithy

There were several other buildings that held various functions.  Each held information from other aspects of island life.

I can't believe there are 40 different breeds of sheep in the UK!

We saw a lot of tubs being used as animal water troughs.

This cemetery is near the museum.

Flora MacDonald's monument

The rain came in while we were visiting the museum but we were don't with the day's activities.

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