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Friday, June 22, 2018

Scotland - Oban to Portree

Had to wait for this car to go through before we could go across this one lane bridge on our way from Oban to Portree on the Isle of Skye.

Campground we passed on the way.  All the RV's are really small.

We headed toward the Glencoe Valley and stopped to walk at An Torr.

The first trail we took ended up being too much of a climb for a sore knee so we back traced to take a walk along the creek.

Click to enlarge for reading.

Looks like there was a previous road that ran along part of the current road.

Coffin Cairn

There's still snow on the mountains (bens or munros) here.  The highest point in Britain, Ben Nevis (4,406 feet) is in this area.

Looking down the Glencoe Valley

Streams of meltwater still flow down the mountainsides.

We continued up the road to Fort Williams, beside Loch Linnhe.

There was an accident on the main road so we were stuck in traffic for at least 15 minutes before being diverted through a neighborhood.  All the big trucks and tour buses had to just wait because the side road were steep and too small for them.

Next we headed toward the Isle of Skye.  Saw this huge monkey puzzle tree at the Glenfinnan visitor center.
The biggest reason people stop here is to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct, part of the West Highland Railway Line that goes from Fort Williams to the ferry port at Mallaig.  It's claim to fame is that it was used at the "Hogwarts Express" in the Harry Potter movies. There's a better view if you hike up the hill
The railroad crosses the highway many times on the way to the ferry.

Finally getting close to the coast.  That might be the Isle of Skye on the other side of the water.

Didn't take any photos of us getting onto the ferry but here's a view of Mallaig port as we leave on the ferry.

I mistakenly thought we had to leave our car so we climbed up to where the seating was on the upper deck.  Here's little Eef surrounded by larger vehicles.

Turns out there was no inside seating and it was cold.  After seeing other people in their cars, we returned to sit in Eef.

On the isle of Skye.

Mountain in the background had a pinnacle to the right of it.

Grocery carts in Scotland were different.  All the wheels were on casters.  You could go completely sideways with the cart.

Eef's key was different from any I had seen before.  Europcar had Eef's license plate down wrong and said it was pink.  Does that look pink to you?

We found out our B&B was on a one track road that was very, very potholed in places.  This cow thought Eef was pretty and made a beeline for the car.

Other cattle decided they would get out of the road.

We finally made it to Garalapin House Bed and Breakfast northwest of Portree.

The B&B cat came out to meet us.  It's name was Haggis.
The room contained two beds.  A twin with a trundle....

and a double.  Notice the microscopic TV near the ceiling left of the curtains.

We ended up watching a DVD and some TV so my sis thought of pulling out the trundle and making a couch.  Worked perfect.

This is the hallway dining area with two tables that we walked by when we entered the B&B.  Our room is just beyond the table and another room was tucked around the corner.  The door straight back at the end of the hallway was our bathroom.  Not ensuite but private.  Only time during our stay in Scotland that we didn't have an ensuite bathroom.

All the bathrooms we had in Scotland had heated towel racks.

The tub was to the left of the toilet.  In had a shower head and one of those folding 3' water screens. 

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