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Monday, June 04, 2018

Scotland - Edinburgh - City Scenes

Another cute directional sign to the toilets.

Lots of buses in Edinburgh.  The red one is a sightseeing bus and the other two are regular city buses

National Gallery

The Royal Scots Greys Monument with a corner of Edinburgh Castle in the top left corner.

William Pitt the Younger became Britain’s youngest prime minister at the age of 24. Nicknamed ‘Honest Billy’ he was prime minister from 1783 to 1801 and again from 1804 until his death in 1806.

The lower end of the Royal Mile.

Walking from Edinburgh Castle at the top of the Royal Mile and approaching the former Tolbooth Church.  Built in 1844, this Neo-Gothic building is now a ticket and information center called The Hub.
The Hub as seen from the other direction.

This is what a busker (someone that plays music on the streets to make money) looks like in Scotland.

Yes we had a rainy day while in Edinburgh.  Notice the white, yellow and green vehicle that says "ambulance".

New College campus of the University of Edinburgh with The Hub's high spire behind it.

St Giles Cathedral

J.K. Rowlings, writer of the Harry Potter books that resulted in a few movies, was a resident of Edinburgh during her writing career.  Greyfriars Kirkyard is reputed to be a location where she came up with some of the character's names.

It's said that Victoria Street was the inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books.
 Victoria Street at street level.

The sharp drop in the land around the Royal Mile created two different layers of the city.  We crossed a bridge only to find another street below

Up on the bridge

There are many closes along the Royal Mile.  These are small alleyways and courtyards that branch off to the north and south. These were usually named after a memorable occupant of one of the apartments reached by the common entrance, or a trade plied by one or more residents.


We toured Mary King's Close but weren't allowed to take photos. 

Pedestrian section of the Royal Mile
We spent 4 nights at the Gil-Dun Guest House in Edinburgh.  It was one of the top two places we stayed at during our 22-day stay in Scotland.  Great hosts, wonderful room and a terrific breakfast.
We failed to get a photo before we cluttered up the room.  Oops!

A lot of the restrooms in Scotland have the toilets built in like this one.
Our first night in Edinburgh we ate at the Old Bell Inn.  Seating was tight and not comfortable but typical of pub accommodations.  This meal is Steak pie.

This meal is gammon, otherwise known as ham.

We also ate at the City Restaurant during our stay.  I had the Scottish version of a hamburger which tastes a little like meatloaf to me.  My sister had fish and chips with the commonly served mushy peas.

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