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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Scotland - Edinburgh - Gladstone's Land

A "land" is a merchant's building where the merchants ran their shops on the ground floor and lived upstairs.  Gladstone's Land is 6-stories high but it is half the size of the tallest Edinburgh tenements from the 16th and 17th century.  Old Town Edinburgh is built on the spine formed by volcanic activity and shaped by ice.   People of the 16th and 17th centuries wanted to be close to the castle at the high point so buildings were build high to accommodate the largest number of people. 
The building was originally built in 1550 but the front was extended outward during extensive renovations in 1617.

Stairs from the front allowed access to merchant and tenants so they didn't have to go through the shop.  The building was scheduled for demolition in 1934 when it was purchased by the National Trust for Scotland.  During renovation, original renaissance painted ceilings were uncovered. 

Although not original to the building, this depiction of  hawk with a rat in it's claws refers to the name of the merchant, which was actually "Gledstanes".  "Gled" is a Scots word meaning a hawk.
Model of the building shows the original 1550's front and how the 1617 remodel extended it.
We went up these spiral stairs to go from shop level to the next level where the wealthiest tenants lived.  The merchant and his family lived on the uppermost attic floors

The first room we came to is actually in the 1550  building.  Please click to enlarge for very interesting reading.
This brass fixture was put in front of the fire to keep sparks from coming out of the fireplace.

This writing desk is very interesting in that it has many hiding places.  Just below what I will call the "crown" on top, the slightly convex part is actually a drawer that pulls out.

Very, very interesting.  Never heard of it before.  Click to enlarge for reading.

Front right is a drop down bed with an alcove above that holds ewers of water.  Next is a work table then a fireplace.  On the left is a cabinet that holds kitchen wares.

Drop down bed and water ewers.

Read about the renaissance painted ceilings and walls.

Beautiful wardrobe

The bed was mighty fancy too

By 1800 the need to be under the protection of the castle was gone and the New Town was build to the north of the Old Town.

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