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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Scotland - Rental Car

Our rental car was a Fiat 500.  Can't get much smaller than this.  It's tag said the color was pink but it was more an orange red.  We took to calling it Eef because of the license plate.

We had to lower the back seats just to get our suitcases in.  Due to small parking places and narrow roads, we figured Eef was just the right size for us.

Oh, in case you didn't know, in the UK you drive on the left side of the road but from the right side of the car.  Eef is also a manual so you shift with your left hand.  Foot controls are just like any manual in the states.
Due to navigating, I didn't have too much time to take photos the first day.  The metal "sculpture" is in the middle of a roundabout.  Notice the left turn markings in the right lane?  That's if you wanted to get off the roundabout at one of the later turns.  We found roundabouts with between two and 6 exits and with one to three lanes.  Very interesting at times.

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