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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sullys Hill National Game Preserve

We were looking for a wooded area to take a hike and finally found one south of Devil's Lake, ND.

It took a few tries to finally get this shot.  I think it is an American Goldfinch

After 5 weeks it's sure nice to see this many trees.

We climbed Sullys Hill.  This photo isn't even from the bottom.  Our legs hurt for several days after this.

Finally, a walking trail in the trees!

Even this one had stairs in quite a few places.

Large ant hill along the path.   Wouldn't want to trip and fall into that.

Probably an American Redstart.  Dang thing wouldn't stay still for two seconds so it was really difficult to get a photo.

We think this is a thirteen-lined ground squirrel.

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