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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Audubon National Wildlife Refuge

Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon were created when the Missouri River was dammed.

The visitor center isn't open on weekends and we were there on a Saturday so we didn't get to see the inside displays and information.

We started on the walking trail but after a while it was blocked by an electric fence.  We assumed that the trail blockage was so people did not bother the young birds.

We've seen these flowers along the road in quite a few areas.

We ended up traveling some of the auto loop.  This gaggle of geese on the road quickened their pace when we approached.

They headed off into the grass as we got closer.

We did see some cows and they were corralled with an electric fence.  For the roadway, there was an electric pad.  I was surprised the cows hoofs didn't isolate them from the current.

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