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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Garrison Dam and Lake Sakakawea

The Garrison Dam in central North Dakota holds back the Missouri River.  

The largest man-made lake in the US is Lake Mead and Lake Powell is second.

Road across the top of the dam.  The large amount of fires in Canada has so much smoke in the area at this time that we couldn't see far.  We were across this dam a week before and enjoyed the views.

The smoke makes this hard to see the dam.

Little closer view before we drove across the top of the dam.

The brochure says the dam is the fifth larges earthen dam structure in the United States.  The largest is Fort Peck and 2nd is Oahe Dam.

You might need to click on this one to enlarge for reading.

Looking downstream at the Missouri River and the electric generating station.

The spillway at the other end of the dam was having work done on it so there wasn't any water coming through.

Looking down the spillway as we crossed over it.

Lake Sakakawea side of the spillway.

Smoky lake view.

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