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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Scandinavian Heritage Park - Minot, ND

This globe was interesting in that it floated on top the water and turned.

All the land masses were identified, including Antarctica as shown here.

The 65' in diameter plaza with a map of the Nordic region.

There were medallions where major cities were located.

Also indicated was the City of Skien, Norway, sister city of Minot.

The gift shop had some interesting carvings.
There's a lot of detail to this one that's captioned "Troll Taxi".  The following photo shows a side view.

Flags of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, the United States and Canada.

The waterfalls, pond and stream (which this bridge crosses) were almost empty of water because they were doing some work in the pump system.

The actual interior space of the church including the nave, only occupied the lower two levels of the church. 

There were three entrances onto this outer porch area of the church.  The porch area went clear around the church.  Then you stepped into the nave.

Notice the faces on the top of the posts.  There were 14 faces in the church.

The church was not heated nor were there pews or chairs.  There were benches along the back wall for the elderly, infirm or pregnant. 

The Dala Horse is 30' high and Nolan was able to stand beneath it.

The door into the storehouse was only about 4 1/2' high.  We did not have access to the upper story.

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