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Thursday, July 16, 2015

International Peace Garden

According to the AAA Tour Book, "The International Peace Garden consists of 1,451 acres in Manitoba and an adjoining 888 acres in North Dakota.  Set among the Turtle Mountains, the botanical garden and park commemorates the friendship between these two countries on the longest unfortified border in the world."

Side view of the fountain on the east side of the park.

Looking along the border to the Peace Tower.  Notice the fence that surrounds the lowest part of the gardens.

This lowest part of the garden was the best maintained.   There were lots of gardeners working but it looked like they needed a few dozen more to get the place into shape.

Fountain in sunken garden with Interpretive Centre and Conservatory in the background.

Water running into the Sunken Garden from the north.

Sunken Garden fountain looking back toward the entrance.  US on right.  Canada on the left.

Floral representation of the Canadian flag.

Peace Tower from a distance.  More information later.

View from east of the Peace Tower back toward the entrance.  The formal garden is 1.5 miles long and runs along the 49th parallel, the U.S./Canadian border.

Notice the tower is surrounded by fence.

The Peace Chapel

A view of Lake Udall from the formal garden

The 9/11 Memorial Site.

Steel girders from the Twin Towers.

The floral representation of the U.S. flag didn't look half as good as the Canadian one.  Hopefully it gets better as the flowers grow.

Back to the edge of the sunken garden.

Into the conservatory.

I hadn't see aloe like the ones on the right.

Lots of cacti to keep warm in the winter.

Back outside.

Back inside we saw some orchids.

Entrance area fountain.

Looking back down 1.5 miles to the Peace Tower.

On the other end of the park we stopped on the border.  See the clearing through the trees in the distance?

1/2 the car in Manitoba and 1/2 in North Dakota.  See that the Peace Tower is actually two towers, one on either side of the border.

Cleared area of the border.

Phone booth in the campground on the US side of the park.  Cell phones may ping off of a tower in a country you have to pay a higher service charge so the land line phone might be the cheaper alternative.

18' floral clock.

See "I P G" written in succulents?  International Peace Garden

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