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Friday, May 30, 2014


Ziplining has been on my bucket list so I convinced Nolan we should give it a try.  So we went to Hocking Hills Canopy Tours to give it a try.

Our instructors showed us the basics.

Then we took a ride on a small cart to the start of the course.

Along the way, we passed under a tree stand.

We walked a short rope bridge to the first zip.

The first two zips were short.
Nolan coming in for a landing.
This rope was used to slow anyone coming in too fast.

Nolan getting snapped onto the line for the first long zip.
Taking the sitting position...

And off he goes...  Ok, it's really hard to see him but he's there.

We traversed some rope bridges.

I didn't get any more photos because the battery died on the camera.  I had forgotten to charge it for several days.

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