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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Italy - Civita di Bagnoregio

This day's excursion is a 45-minute bus ride to the town of Bagnoregio and a walk to Civita di Bagnoregio

There were less than a dozen people on the bus when it left Orvieto but the bus had many stops.  The first stop was at a school in Orvieto Scavi, the "new" town below the cliffs.  The bus was almost packed with teenagers.  I was so glad we got on before them.  As we wound up the hillside with Orvieto across the valley, I tried hard to get a good photo of Orvieto.  Sad to say, this was the best of the bunch.

This field was full of red flowers.

Of course it wouldn't be Italy if we hadn't passed a few vineyards.

After many stops, the bus dropped us at Bagnoregio.  It was sprinkling a little but we decided to walk to Civita di Bagnoregio (Civita for short) instead to getting on another bus.  This was just an alley that we found picturesque.

Main street Bagnoregio.

Another postal vehicle

Click on photo to see full view.  Finally, the view we had been waiting for... Civita!
My sister's name for Civita is Camelot.

The road to Civita.

If you look really, really close at this photo, you can see a scooter on the bridge.  See the two red spots at the bottom?  Ok, now find the third red spot a little further up.  In between these two spots is the scooter.  Anyway it was loaded down with two people and what looked like bags of groceries.  Yes, there is at least one restaurant and many stores in Civita and who wants to haul their groceries that far!

Looking back toward Bagnoregio.

The portal into Civita.

What follows are street scenes of Civita.

This is where we were when the rain started to come down in buckets!  Everyone scattered for shelter.  We kept walking because we had our rain coats and umbrellas.

The clouds were getting low by the time we got back to the other side of Civita.

Look at the greenery to the middle right.  Looks like an elephant's head and trunk to me.

Bagnoregio was disappearing in the clouds.

Even Civita disappeared.  I saw postcards in stores that showed Civita standing above fog.  Cool.

We ended up going up steps from the road to Civita to the overlook where we first saw it.  We couldn't even see where we were going.  The steps were covered in dirty water creating a waterfall.  By the time we started into Bagnoregio the roads were streams.  We were totally soaked from the bottom of our rain jackets on down.

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