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Monday, May 26, 2014

Italy - Rome - Pantheon

The Pantheon, an iconic Roman temple.  The current church (AD 120) is built on the remains of Marcus Agrippa's original temple from 27 BC.  The name Pantheon comes from the Greek words pan (all) and theos (god) - a temple built to all the gods.   Unlike the Colosseum, it wasn't used as a quarry for future buildings because it was consecrated a Christian church in AD 608.

We walked counter-clockwise round the exterior of the church which definitely shows its age.

The huge, one piece granite columns supporting the portico were shipped from Egypt and are the largest in Italy.

Although a few parts, like the gilded- bronze roof tiles, were removed, the huge bronze doors are the originals 
The architecture of the interior is the thing that makes this building extraordinary.  At 143' high and wide, the dome was the largest in the world until the 15th century.  St. Peter's Basilica has a higher dome but it is narrower.  The Pantheon's dome is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome ever built.  It gets thinner and lighter with height and the highest part is made of volcanic pumice. 

As you can see, we are far from the only visitor enjoying this old building.

Well at least I can see up to the oculus, a 27' hole in the top.

Below the hole, 22 holes in the tile drain away any rain that falls.  

There are tombs inside the church, including Italy's king Umberto I and...


The floor has an interesting circle and square design.

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