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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Italy - Florence (Part 3)

This and the next photo show some American food chains.

Should have tried the hamburgers at McDonalds.  We did have hamburgers once during our trip and they tasted like the one I got in Ireland.  Like meatloaf with the onions cooked in the patty.

WOW a 4-door car

We saw these all over Italy.
Interesting decoration, right?  See the next photo to see what created this look.
I'm assuming they were all fake but all the lower ones were ripped off the building.

This is the side of the Cathedral.  Actually those doors are where we entered to climb to the dome later in the day.  The line was long and extended past the front of the Cathedral.

But first we went to the Duomo Museum, the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo.  It was under renovation so much of it was closed.

Next we went inside the Baptistery.  This is the inside of the dome.

Even the floor was beautiful.

Zoomed in view of part of the ceiling.
The front of the Cathedral with the dome in the background and the Baptistery on the right.

  There were many stained glass windows in the cathedral.

Looking up at the dome.

Excavated floor  under the cathedral.

An opened crypt.

After a long wait in line, we finally started to climb the 463 steps of the Duomo.

As we climbed between the ceiling of the Duomo and the top, the stairs were very steep.

Finally on top we can see the top of the Campanile that we climbed the day before.

The antics of these boys of a Georgia family made the long time in line pass quickly. 

Click to enlarge.

Best view yet of the window to our room.  Just to the right of the taller tree and just above the roof line of the building in front of it.

We made it to the top.

Pictures of the ceiling of the dome from the walkway we used to circle it on the way down.

Close up of the top of the dome.

Back safely on the ground we passed by this building under renovation.  Once again, it was covered by a fabric façade.

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