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Monday, April 05, 2010

Tight site at Sunscape

Just some photos from the top of our trailer so you can see how packed we are onto the site. This first photo is looking east. There is a chain-link fence behind our trailer.
Now the north side. Toward the back is the shed and my bike. Directly behind my bike is Nolan's bike.
There is pavement under the truck.
If you look up from that last photo, you would see the casita on the next site. This is the only building like this in the park. It's essentially a large shed with a living room. A large motorhome sits on this site between our truck and the casita. The lot line is where you see the reddish scallop edging with the redder gravel being on the site we are on.
Yes there is room to ride our bikes between the trailer and the truck. Doesn''t look like it from up here, huh?
The front of the site is really crowded since the park golf cart is also there. If we have to go somewhere in the car, it gets backed in front of the truck.
The neighbor parks his golf cart right on the lot line so he actually always gets out of it onto the pavement of our site so we have the car over a ways so our car door doesn't hit his golf cart.
If we look up from the front of the trailer, we look down the road to the Community Center. Turning right when we get there puts us out of the park. We will be on a different site next winter. Further from the front buildings and on a site that is almost all gravel. No shed.

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